Process Fragment Repository

This repository is intented to be a proof of the approach currently under discussion within the IEEE FIPA Design Process Documentation and Fragmentation Working Group (website).
Fragments are extracted from processes document according to this WG specifications (see here)

Note: most of these fragments are still at the draft level of refinement

Phase fragmentComposed fragmentAtomic fragment
System Requirements ModelPASSI
Domain Requirements DescriptionPASSI
Agent IdentificationPASSI
Role IdentificationPASSI
Task SpecificationPASSI
Agent Society ModelPASSI
Domain Ontology DescriptionPASSI
Communication Ontological DescriptionPASSI
Identify CommunicationsPASSI
Describe CommunicationsPASSI
Refine Communication RelationshipsPASSI
Role DescriptionPASSI
Protocol DescriptionPASSI
Agent Structure Implementation ModelPASSI
Multi-Agent Structure DefinitionPASSI
Multi-Agent Behavior DescriptionPASSI
Single-Agent Structure DefinitionPASSI
Single-Agent Behavior DescriptionPASSI
Code ModelPASSI
Code ReusePASSI
Code ProductionPASSI
Deployment ModelPASSI
Deployment ConfigurationPASSI