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Palermo Branch of ICAR-CNR research activities of the Institute are the following:

  •  Agent-Oriented Software Engineering

    This research activity deals with the definition of new agent-oriented design approaches, the investigation of design process composition techniques based, multi-agent systems (MAS) adaptive social organizations, agent-based adaptive workflows, multi-agent simulation techniques and software engineeering issues in cognitive robotics and standardization.
    Involved People: M. Cossentino , C. Lodato, S. Lopes , P. Ribino , L. Sabatucci , V. Seidita .

  •  Cognitive robotics and human-machine interaction

    The research deals with the use of architectures and cognitive models in the field of autonomous robotics, aiming to reproduce
    behaviors and interactions similar to those of humans.
    The research activities involve aspects of machine learning,artificial vision, knowledge representation and linguistic aspects: inparticular we have proposed and experimented innovative modules that perform cognitive functions by using neural networks (such as SOM -Self Orgamizing Map), LSA (Latent Semantic Analysis), conceptual spaces,  extraction of robust visual feature.
    Among the recent results of cognitive robotics are the creation of some frameworks that include the understanding and prediction of human intentions, introspection, the link between subsymbolic visual perception (especially color) and concepts, the emotional contagion between man and machine. Currently, experiments are carried out on the Aldebaran NAO humanoid.
    Even in the context of human-machine interactions we place the interest on the development of visual perception, using  rgbd
    acquisition systems (eg Microsoft Kinect) to detect actions, postures of the human body, and facial expressions in order to characterize and recognize the behavior of the human user.