Patrizia Ribino

Patrizia Ribino

National Research Council

ICAR Institute

Via Ugo La Malfa, n° 153

90128 Palermo -- Italy

Research Interest

  1. -Multi Agent Systems

  2. -Design Methodologies

  3. -Knowledge Management

  4. -Agent Simulation

  5. -Holonic Multi Agent System

  6. -Norms & Organizations

  7. -Smart Systems


patrizia.ribino (AT)

patrizia.ribino (AT)

office: +39 091 8031083



I am a Research Scientist at ICAR Institute of National Research Council of Italy. In particular, I am member of the Engineering COmplex System Laboratory (ECOS Lab). My researches are mainly focused on multi-agent systems, in particular on design methodologies, agent simulations, smart and normative systems.

On April 2011, I received my Ph.D in Computer Engineering from the University of Palermo, proposing a thesis entitled “A Knowledge management System for Organizational Activity Support”.

On July 2006, I received my “Laurea cum Laude” in Computer Engineering from the University of Palermo.

Further information on my research activities can be found at ECOS Lab website.


Short Background