Patrizia Ribino

Patrizia Ribino

National Research Council

ICAR Institute

Via Ugo La Malfa, n° 153

90128 Palermo -- Italy

Research Interest

  1. - Artificial Intelligence

  2. - Norms

  3. - Reinforcement Learning

  4. -Social Robotics

  5. - Multi-Agent Systems


patrizia.ribino (AT)

patrizia.ribino (AT)

office: +39 091 8031083

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I am a Research Scientist at ICAR Institute of the National Research Council of Italy. In July 2006, I received my "Laurea cum Laude" in Computer Engineering from the University of Palermo.

In April 2011, I attained my PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Palermo, proposing a thesis in the field of knowledge management systems.

My research activities are mainly focused on cognitive and normative systems. I am primarily interested in the identification of methods that can provide reasoning capabilities to cognitive systems in dynamic environments. At the present, I'm involved in a new stream of research for exploring aspects regarding the assignment of self-learning and self-adaptation features to complex systems, including cyber-physical systems, robotic systems and software agent. My previous work has touched on areas of Software Engineering, Multi-Agent systems, Ontologies and knowledge formalization.


Short Background