The 3rd International Workshop on Embedded Computing


Final Program



Introduction to IWEC-06 Workshop

Salvatore Vitabile, Antonio Gentile


Keynote Speech: Embedded Medical Computing

Majid Sarrafzadeh - Computer Science Department, UCLA - USA


Session on Embedded Software - Chair Abelardo López-Lagunas - ITESM Campus Toluca, Mexico


Multidimensional Dataflow-based Parallelization for Multimedia Instruction Set Extensions

Lewis Baumstark, Linda Wills


Dynamic Binary Translation and Optimization in a Whole-System Emulator -- SkyEye

Chen Yu, Ren Jie, Zhu Hui, Shi Yuan


Coffee Break


Session on Embedded Hardware - Chair Lewis Baumstark - University of West Georgia, USA


Compiler Manipulation of Stream Descriptors for Data Access Optimization

Abelardo Lopez-Lagunas, Sek Chai


Scalable Core-Based Methodology and Synthesizable Core for Systematic Design Environment in Multicore SoC

Ben A. Abderazek, Sotaro Kawata, Tsutomo Toshinaga, Masahiro Sowa


Embedded Knowledge-based Speech Detectors for Real-Time Recognition Tasks

S.M. Siniscalchi, Fulvio Gennaro, Salvatore Andolina, Salvatore Vitabile, Antonio Gentile, Filippo Sorbello

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break


Sessions on Embedded Applications - Chair Sek Chai - Motorola Labs – Motorola, USA


A monitoring framework exploiting the synergy between actual and virtual wireless sensors

Luca Gatani, Giuseppe Lo Re, Marco Ortolani, Filippo Sorbello


Combined People Position and Compass Detection for Context-aware Service Provision

Alessandro Genco, Salvatore Sorce, Emanuele Varrica


Retargeting Image-Processing Algorithms to Varying Processor Grain Sizes

Samuel Sander, Linda Wills


A Lightweight Software Architecture for Robot Navigation and Visual Logging through Environmental Landmarks Recognition

Edoardo Ardizzone, Antonio Chella, Irene Macaluso, Daniele Peri


Coffee Break

15:30-16:30 Session on Security, Testing and Verifications - Chair Samuel Sander - Clemson University, USA

Model Checking Control Communication of a FACTS Device

David Cape, Bruce McMillin, James Townsend


Automatic flow analysis using symbolic execution and path enumeration

Djemai Kebbal


Protected JTAG interface

Ronald Buskey, Barbara Frosik